2018 Trends in Web Designing

2018 Trends in web designing are ever-evolving. There’s no denying in it. Anything that seemingly looked appealing before has been termed as outdated today. The web designers are finding new ways and new technologies to implement in the practice. They are the ones to be partly blamed for the continued influx of trends. But hey, it’s for the best, isn’t it? Competition and innovation are two things because of which our websites are improving day by day.

Trends in Web Designing

In 2018, just as the rest of the previous years, new trends have emerged and they appear to be functional as well rather than just being visual.
So, why don’t you delve into some of the favorites that we’ve mentioned below?


Loop content

Loop Content

You must have seen a website or two that greets you with a video or a GIF playing in a loop. That is called cinemographs – the designs that take every visitor’s attention without doing much but playing quality content in the background. There are full-screen loops and the ones that take up only a small area but no matter what the size, they have the same function – to inspire awe.


Bold Headers

While the rest of the text on a page is kept minimal, the emphasis is on the headers. They have become bolder and bigger – two things headers should be. The reason this design is being opted for is making the visitor read specific things first, like a greeting.


Color gradients


The time when single colors were given space is over. Web designers are now washing home pages with colors in a gradient. So, when the visitor knocks on the door, he or she is greeted with the colors of the brand mixed and mingled to convey divisiveness more than anything.


Text-based design

Text-based design
You might read a lot on the internet about the importance of having images, videos, etc. on your website. But in 2018, that has changed. Certain websites have only relied on presenting themselves through catchy phrases and text-only designs. They believe that rather than distracting visitors with unnecessary images, it is better to say what you want right away.

Besides this, certain web designers are totally defying the rules of designing. They are bringing in some serious minimalism to their designs. The result? We only see a word or two describing an action.


Curved Shapes


Website designing is all about challenging new ideas and putting them into practice. Such is the case with curved organic shapes. Designers are putting these shapes to use to stand out. They are minimalistic, garish, yet subtle to the eyes.


Hand-drawn designs


Especially in the fonts, certain websites are seeing some human input. Designs like these offer great versatility and make it possible for the website to have something that is not available in the rest of the internet – now, that’s something for the uniqueness.

Since the human mind is capable of creating superb combinations, there’s nothing forever in the world of web design. Given the benefits of having something unique on your website, it is time for you to invest in having the best web design possible. You can play with many ideas at the same time. However, if you think you haven’t picked any of our favorites, there are more waiting for you at the HubSpot.

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