Harming your SEO Ranking or Website ?

Is your designing technique harming your SEO ranking? Website design requires great attention on the part of the designer. He has to keep in mind three basic things:

  • Website design
  • Visual appeal
  • SEO ranking

Designing techniques that might be harming your SEO Ranking or Website

Designing technique that harming seo ranking


All of these three things are un-exclusive of each other. They have to be incorporated into the creative process to create a masterpiece that is both appealing to the people and for the search engines.

However, sometimes, the designer tends to copy trends over the internet. While that might save some hours, what it does is pull down a website in terms of uniqueness.

That is something to avoid as you avoid fire not because it is unethical, but also because it is detrimental to your online presence.
Among this, there are other design elements that you should avoid if you want to surface in the search results.

Increased graphics

If your website has loads of heavy content—images, videos, and other content—the time it takes in loading would be greater. It would not only be difficult for the search engine spiders to crawl on the page, but also for the general visitor to search the type of information he wants. Therefore, you should avoid the addition of any type of unnecessary jargon, no matter how appealing it looks.

Lack of responsive website

If the design of your website only focuses on the desktop version, that is not going to pay off. Google has already announced in 2015 that any website that doesn’t have a responsive design would lag in the ranking. Besides, you wouldn’t want to lose all the great numbers of customers you could target by mobile websites. So, what you should do is avoid giving your sweet hours only to the desktop version and spare some time to make mobile website worthwhile.

Never-ending scrolling

Yes, you have heard that infinite scrolling is the next big trend; however, do know that this trend is not paying off very well. People are tired of being forced to read the next post or watch the next video. For websites such as e-commerce, the infinite scrolling might be the thing, but for any other website that remotely has to do anything with it would end up losing visitors and consequently, increasing the bounce rates.
In the scrolling category, the other type of scrolling to avoid is parallax scrolling. Although it adds artistic effects, it also puts a burden on the bandwidth. Use it with caution.

Tables and sheets

Why should you complicate your web pages with tables and sheets when you can present the same information in attractive graphics? The problem with the former is that they are complicated to understand and render a page inflexible; therefore, affecting its SEO rank in the long run. Do avoid these especially, if not anything else. Also, designing them is easy, but maintaining them is hard. So, why break a sweat?

Website design begs for delicate attention. There are so many elements that might look attractive but are actually what brings a website down in SEO ranking and overall appeal. You should be careful to balance out those design elements, the loading time, the search engine protocols.

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