Do graphics and web design impact your ranking?

Do graphics and web design impact your ranking? Answering the question asked in the heading we’d say, yes, it does. Website and graphic designs are two things that are un-exclusive of each other. To have a better website, you’d have to tailor both of these to one of the most important things for the life of a website – the SEO.

You must say here, “I’ve seen websites with poor design, and yet they rank higher.”

Do graphics design and web design impact your ranking?

Yes, there are such websites. But did you know that they only rank for a small-time? They do receive leads, but are you aware of their bounce rates? Are you aware that Google monitors such websites and they might be penalized? Do you know that if a website that has an equally powerful SEO as this website with a great website/graphic design would win the competition in no time?

Incorporating the design and the SEO elements is a tricky business. However, once it is done perfectly, it bears fruits more than anything.

So, saying again, website/graphic design of your website is important in determining your rank.


Google loves responsive designs

Do graphics and web design impact your ranking?

The 2015 declaration of Google in favoring the sites with responsive design tells the tales of how important it is to focus on the design aspect. If your website has been built for providing quality rather than yearning for leads only, Google will favor you more than any other website. It is not only link building or content optimization that will prove beneficial for your ranking, but you’d also have to think about design aspects as well.


People love good designs

People love good designs

The design of your website is reflective of your professionalism in your industry. If you don’t have an appealing website, that could only mean that you wouldn’t have proper products. The “first impression is the last impression” applies here undoubtedly.
Also, it is worth noting that once you have the love of people, you’d ultimately end up in having more social shares, leads, and overall domain authority – something to look for, no?


Website design meets graphic design meets SEO

Website design meets graphic design meets SEO

Certain designers that focus on creating images that have HTML at their backs. All of this use of images (especially banners) is what lets them have a proper slot in the organic searches. They employ quality fonts in them with added gradients and shadows to make them appealing, all the while not losing their SEO aspect. This combination of the website design in HTML or CSS and graphic design in the form of fonts leads to the creation of a masterpiece that is well received by both the visitors and the search engines.


The end results

Incorporating more than one thing in the creation of your website is the perfect success potion for your brand. Focusing on SEO only and not the content or the website/graphic design would only be fruitful for a limited time. In the long run, when people and the search engines start to recognize your ploy of getting the leads, you’d lose credibility once and for all and we know that lost online credibility is a stain that removes quite seldom. So, why risk everything when you can achieve top rank for a longer time by the combination of SEO and website/graphic design?

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