How To Appear In Google’s Page Rank #1

When it comes to google’s page rank no. 1 increasing the number of visitors your website receives, the first thing to do is to get your website to appear as number one on Google. Accomplishing higher Google search rankings can be accomplished in two ways. The first way is keyword placement and the other is increasing your Google Page Rank. This article will let you know how your website can appear on Google Page Rank #1.

The Google page rank is the ranking system that Google make use to determine the importance of a website. By making use of this system, Google can index every website on the Internet and return their results as quickly as possible.

How to appear in google page rank


The ranking goes from 0 to 10. Obviously the higher you rank the closer to the top of search results your website will appear. This ranking is based on different factors but the most important of which is your website popularity. In other words how many other websites are pointing back to your site as a means for information. For example, take the NY Times newspaper’s website. If you were to do a search on “NY Times” you’ll see literally thousands of results. That’s because it’s mentioned by a lot of different websites.

Google favors websites that have a lot of other sites pointing back to it. You need to increase your site’s Google page rank by increasing your site’s popularity. This can be done in a few ways which include:


1. Link Building:

This involves having other websites link to you. You can do this by seeking out websites in your niche that have friends sections or affiliate programs on their websites. You can then do a simple link exchange in order to get your website’s link out there. Also, you should set up your own link back program on your website and ask people to link back to you. You can also provide them with special graphics that can be used to provide links to your website.

2. Articles:

The second way is to write articles on the topic of your website and put a link to your site in the article’s resource box. You will submit your article to different article directories such as Bukisa, Article Factory, or Dashboard. Your articles will then selected by bloggers who post it on their websites. This helps build one-way links, which Google looks upon more favorably than reciprocal links.

3. Join Different Social Media Networks:

The third way is to partake in discussions that are related to your website on different social networks and message boards. Usually, they allow you to have a signature line. In that signature line, you can input a link to your website with a short description. This will help the readers of your posts to click and find out what your website is all about.

4. Participate in Forums:

Join as many forums as possible. Then input the link to your website in your signature. This will start to generate your link from different sources on the web. You should engage in conversations on forums and reply to pre-existing threads in order to have your link appear multiple times. But, don’t spam forums. Post meaningful and worthy responses.

These are the 4 of the many ways you can make your website appear on Google Page Rank #1. If you are not implementing them yet, you should start doing that now.

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