Top benefits of having a mobile-friendly website design

Top benefits of having a mobile-friendly website design: Website designing has greatly changed over the years. The time is long gone where business owners had to invest in hiring designers for desktop and mobile websites separately, or the designer had to code for them separately and the mobile sites weren’t given much attention.

Top benefits of having a mobile-friendly website design

website design

Since Google announced that it is the mobiles that users are using to search more, the paradigms and the approaches of the designers have changed accordingly. The webs designers are now making it a part of their plan to include responsiveness in their design for the mobile sites.

Nobody can deny the advantages of having a mobile website and when it comes to responsiveness or user-friendliness, those benefits have seen an increase. Let us see them one by one.

1. Improvement in customer experience

Having a responsive design has something for the visitor as well. They are spared from long hours of searching for the right information on the mobile website. They are offered an intuitive design made particularly for their touch screens – no matter what type of small device they are using.

User-friendly mobile sites are meant for improving the user experience and they are doing their work.

2. SEO optimization

SEO optimization

The announcement in 2015 changed the way SEO experts apply tactics. Now, mobile websites are a part of Google’s ranking criteria and as per the algorithms, the websites that have the best responsive design among the rest would be given the top slot and plenty of air to breath (er, visitors). You can read what Google says about this.

3. Social Media Engagement

Social media has more users on the mobile than on any other type of device. For this reason, any business like yours should have a friendly mobile site that could speak volumes of its relevance. That way, your dollars spent on social media ads could pay off in the form of re-shares. However, if the website is not friendly enough, the users would simply scoff at you wasting their time. In the event, that would add up to the bounce rates you dread so much.

4. Increased traffic

Increased traffic

Responsive website design has its stakes in the increased traffic. People are using mobiles everywhere – while sitting, commuting, talking, and even bathing (seriously!). Therefore, to have that much of the traffic directed to your website and reap the benefits of this increased traffic, it is imperative to have a website. But make sure it is tailored towards user-friendliness rather than just, you know, leads. In fact, if the website is responsive, it would encourage leads as well as the conversion of those leads – there’s a deep connection, you see.

5. Improvement in brand persona

Improvement in brand persona

What makes customers/visitors think high of you? Your first impression. It is this impression that leads them to buy your services/products. Since many people are now searching on the mobile, you’d have to give them the type of experience that they yearn for. They are busy people, so they want websites that have less loading time, are more intuitive in their activities, and are minimalistic. These are, in fact, what makes a mobile website user-friendly.

While your competitors are reaping the fruits of having a responsive mobile website, you are reading this post. There’s no time for you to waste. So, hire a web designer and start creating a user-friendly website.

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