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The first impression is the last impression and that is a visual appeal in web design. An adage you must have heard several times in your life. For some, that might stand as a cliché, but for website designers, it is something that should be focused on more than anything. The elements of a website that targets impression are undoubtedly the visual ones. It is the visual design that renders a website what it needs to capture the attention of the visitor and possibly convert him or her into a customer.

Why is it imperative to have visual appeal in web design?


Visual appeal, therefore, is imperative in your website design. Yes, you could have a website by following the standards of today’s world but if you don’t consider adding visual appeal to it, you might run into risks of losing your precious customers. That’s a truth that needed to be faced.

Losing customers is one thing. Let’s see what other reasons beg us to include visual delight in our websites.


1. Attention, attention, attention

1. Attention, attention, attention

The impression can only be created when your website is able enough to first attract the visitor. That could only be done through the addition of visual elements such as fonts, images, cinema graphs, and other things that could grab the attention of the visitor in the first 0.5 seconds. Yes, this is the time frame in which you’d have to put forward everything you have to make the visitor stay on your web page and explore further.

2. Customer relationships


What makes us so appealing to our customers? Our ability to resonate with their interests, aspirations, and other things. That is the amalgam for creating brand loyalty. And in website design, that could be achieved by having a user-friendly website with tons of visual feasts. The colors, the graphics, and everything inclusive tailored to their tastes could do that easily.

3. Website reputation

Visual aspects or appeal could improve the overall reputation of your website. You could mask other lesser important aspects of your website with quality colors, images, videos, and much more. That way, the visitors could only focus on what relevant and that relevancy could only be achieved when you have the right visual elements. For example, if you have a lot of pages on your website, you could let the visitor click on them without getting bored or losing interaction.

4. Emotional appeal

Any brand that seeks a place in the hearts of its customers has to have an emotional appeal – nothing captures their attention and their loyalty more than this. When you have a brand story that has this element in it, the next step that has to be done is augmenting it through visual appeal. Your images, videos, and overall graphics could tell your story in the most appropriate manner ever.

5. Conversions

The journey from leads to conversions is a tricky one, not for the visitor only but also for the owner. All of the visual treats of your website can make this journey easy for both of you. You could provide them the elements to encourage them to continue that journey, while the visitor could enjoy every step he takes towards the shopping cart.


Online presence is crucial for any brand to extend its influence. However, when its elements are not up to the mark, the business starts cultivating a negative impression for itself. Since the visual appeal is one of the elements of online presence, you should pay it due attention.

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